Business Ideas for over 50s


Over 50 and ready to take a different route in life?

Are you 50 plus? over 60? retired?

Have you reached that time in your life where you want or need to take a different route?

Need a decent income but can’t get a job now you are seen as too old?

Want to control your life by being self-employed? Have a look at the various work from home businesses.

Perhaps you would rather be starting a small business of your own now you are “retired”?

I was in that situation a few years back. I thought I was on the scrap heap just because I had passed that 50 year landmark. I fumbled my way through and boy oh boy has life changed for me – it’s great!

The aim of this website is to guide you through some of the options available. I intend to help you get to where you want to be. I’ll help you to take charge of your own life and decide what you want to do. This site is all about business ideas for over 50s. So if you are over 50, over 60, over 70 this is just for you.

There are many other sites on the web which seem to be set up for this purpose. How is this site different? Here I shall concentrate on what I know. This is for baby boomers and those who have reached retirement age – and beyond.

General Perception

Over 50s are often seen as “over the hill”. If you are in this category you may be seen by employers as someone:

• with too much experience

• who is too old to change

• who is too expensive to employ

Whatever the reason it is proving extremely difficult to get interviews let alone a job.

If you are over 60 then the common perception is that “you’re past it”. You’re likely to be seen as a doddery old fool who can just about manage to collect together the trolleys at the local supermarket.

All of this is rubbish, of course. We, the older generation, still have much to give – and want to give it. We don’t all want to be put out to grass – not just yet anyway – if ever.

In time I hope to cover a great variety of work from home businesses along with new business advice. I’m intending to look at all aspects such as new business loans – the pitfalls and the best way to go about it. I’ll look into some of the many home based franchises – before you write the big cheques please be aware that there are some very good low cost franchise opportunities around.

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