A Craft Business

What craft are you good at? In other words, do you have a hobby or an expertise in handicrafts? Maybe you have spent spare time enjoying making things. If this is the case it could be that you could set up a business based on this activity.

These days people appear to be looking for items that are unique. Perhaps they want to get away from the cheap, mass produced goods found in the shops. So don’t try to compete with mass produced items. Find a niche for your particular skills and let your style come through.

Careful thought needs to be given to starting a craft business:

1. You must be passionate about producing your wares. If you find it tedious then this is not for you. Love and be proud of what you do.

2. Will this be your sole income? If so, is it possible to sell a sufficient number of items?

3. Can you produce enough stock?

4. Is there a large enough market for your type of product? Will people be willing to buy at a sensible price?

5. Do you have a suitable area in which to work and stock materials and equipment plus the finished goods?

6. This is not an area where you can expect to get rich but it is possible to create a good steady income.

7. It will take time to build the business and to become known for your particular products.

8. How will you sell your craft:

a. Will you have a shop?

b. Will you sell from home?

c. Will you attend craft fairs?

d. Will you have house parties?

e. Will you choose mail order?

f. Will you sell to craft outlets?

The main thing to bear in mind when starting a craft business is that you are going to produce something you love. You will be seeking all the time your own niche, a line of goods that will be recognisable as yours. You have the opportunity to design and create items that people will buy because your products are unique.

What crafts could you make and sell?


Scrapbooking Services



Bunting Making











Glass work

Beauty products

Dried flower arrangements

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