Favors are little mementoes given to guests at special celebrations such as weddings and baptisms. They are little gifts which are given as a thank you to the guests for attending. It is a tradition which started among European aristocracy and was in the form of a small trinket box, or bonbonniere, made of precious materials such as crystal or porcelain containing sugary confections.

The idea appears to have filtered down to people who were not at all aristocratic in Italy and they used sugared almonds wrapped in netting called confetti to give away at weddings.

Nowadays favors are an integral part of many celebrations around the globe. Favors can now be almost anything, although they are usually pretty and elegant and in keeping with the overall theme and décor for the event.

If you love to produce pretty little items in bulk then this could be the business for you. You can get all individual bits and pieces lined up for assembly which can be undertaken whilst watching the TV!

Favors have become very important on any list for celebrations and events. They can be presented at all kinds of gatherings, such as: weddings, bridal showers, birthday parties, baby showers, baptisms, anniversaries, corporate events, business seminars, conferences

As can be seen the needs will vary wildly from the pretty and frilly through to neat and utilitarian. So whatever way your mind works, there is something for you to work on to build a business.

So what will you need to produce favors?

Well it will, of course, depend on exactly what you intend to offer.


They can be presented wrapped in organza and tied with ribbon, they can be packed in little decorated boxes. And what will be wrapped? Again this is only limited by your imagination although it tends to be various sweets and chocolates.

Baptisms and Baby Showers

Again you can use candies. Pink or blue candles can be wrapped. Maybe you can produce small bars of soap molded or imprinted with a teddy bear or other baby picture.

Birthday Parties

The favors here have evolved into gift bags which include all manner of things such as toys, pencils, notebooks, candies, birthday cake.

Business Events

This is more about obtaining and marketing rather than packaging. There are though businesses to be built in this area too. The items tend to be based in the stationery field: notepads, folders, pens and the like but also you can offer key rings and calculators. These are all imprinted with the sponsors name and contact details.

How to make a simple wedding favor

1. Obtain netting. This is cut into 8 inch (20 cms) circles

2. Narrow ribbon which will curl. Use approximately 14 inches (36 cms) lengths

3. Sugared Almonds. Five for each favor.

4. Line up each item. Have the circles of netting in a pile in front of you.

5. Place sugared almonds into the centre of netting.

6. Gather up sides of the netting

7. Tie ribbon around neck of the bag you have formed.

Some thoughts: match the netting and ribbon to the overall wedding theme and colours, attach a small card printed with names of couple plus the date, pack into box and avoid crushing for delivery.

You can build this business in your own locality through advertising, networking with others in the events business, word of mouth. You may wish to go further afield looking for clients. Everything is possible.

When producing your favors take plenty of photographs in order to build a portfolio ready to show to prospective clients.

Build a website using your photographs. You can then direct all interested parties to your online catalogue and price lists, etc. You don’t need to know anything about building a website, just get one at Site Build It! and you will be led through the whole procedure. To see the sites others have built click here.

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