Do you like building models from match sticks, cocktail sticks, or other easily obtainable items?

Do you like to hand craft knitwear, crochet and such like?

Can you produce instructions with drawings and/or photographs of the finished article?

Then kits could be the business for you. Model making kits, knitting/crochet kits, embroidery kits, tapestry kits. All these give people hours of enjoyment. There are many people who love to construct models or produce needlecraft but who are unable to work out for themselves how to go about it.

These days you can produce the kits yourself making them look quite professional. Buy plain boxes of a size which will suit the various designs you intend producing. Design a graphic to attach to the top of the lid. Arrange the instructions with illustrations on however many pages that are necessary. Both of these can be printed at home with the right equipment. If you do not have a good printer then put the files on disk or stick and take them to the local print shop.

Source and buy the materials necessary to complete the item. You will probably find that the materials can be divided between the kits, thus cutting back on costs.

Perhaps you will provide certain tools in the kits and claim that everything necessary is provided.

Pack each kit with care so that when opened they will delight the eye.

Marketing can be done using a website and then taking adverts to lead people to it. Get listed in directories. You could provide kits to local stockists. Travel around a bit to your nearest towns to find the right outlets in each.

If you feel that you can produce enough you could also approach mail order companies who send out catalogues.

Offer them on eBay, Amazon and other online outlets.

When pricing don’t forget to take into account your marketing costs.

Other Kit Ideas

Create kits for making moccasins. Have each pair ready cut out and packed together with the thong for joining. Print up instructions. Include the correct type of needle to join the pieces. As you will have to make these in different sizes don’t cut them until they are ordered. This is a kit best dealt with through mail order

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