If you have been knitting for some time you will find that you have run out of people to knit for. Avid crafters have produced all they can for themselves, their friends and their families. They still want to go on with the designing and creating of knitwear. The next logical step then is to produce for strangers. Maybe this is the stage you have reached. So how do you go about it?

Don’t try to be all things to all people. In other words don’t knit everything that can be knitted. You need to narrow things down and find your niche. What items do you most like to produce? Men’s sweaters? Ladies’ accessories? Children’s wear? Babies’ goods? Delicate scarves and shawls or chunky bath mats? There is so much to choose from. If you choose a fairly narrow range you will find it easier to market. You will become known for your particular style of goods.

Test your market. Think about who you are actually targetting with your products. Not only must you pinpoint your market but also find out if, as a group, they are willing to pay the prices you have decided upon.

Knitting, of course, can be carried out any time, anywhere, also it is very addictive so you can get caught up in making your products at all times almost non-stop. So take care not to exhaust yourself. If you get stale and lethargic your business will flounder. So deciding when and how you want to carry on your business is very important to its success.

Like all hand craft businesses, knitting for an income will take time to build. When you decide that this is for you then plan for the long term. It will take time to produce sufficient stock to sell to shops or display on a stand at a craft fair.

Aside from the actual knitting of items you may like to design garments. If you can write this up as a pattern for others to use then you may prefer to follow your craft in this way.

This is a business which you can begin around regular employment or household tasks. You can, therefore, get underway in your spare time. However, take into consideration the ways in which you would like to take your business forward.

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