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Scrapbooking is a way of gathering memories. For this you need a good eye for presentation and a flair for choosing and archiving. Here is an opportunity for you to produce items which will be treasured by others.

There are several ways that you can set up this type of business:

1. A service to put together photographs and ‘scraps’ supplied by the client.

2. A service supplying mementoes for specific years to sell to people celebrating various anniversaries. Example a couple with a silver wedding anniversary. You assemble an album containing photos of famous people and happenings plus newspaper articles from the year they married.

3. A service producing albums for baptisms immediately after the event for a personal product.

Your business will be concentrating on archiving the memories of your clients. This is something that many would like to do for themselves but never seem to find the time.

Scrapbooking is more than producing photo albums. All kind of memorabilia can be included. Alongside the photographs can be such items as newspaper and magazine articles, tickets and programmes, handwritten diary entries and letters.

Fabrics can be included, perhaps offcuts of material from special dresses or furnishings, maybe small pieces of crochet work produced by children. In fact, if it is flat and not too bulky then it can be mounted for future reference.

These days there are stores which stock everything you will need. Take time to investigate supplies. If you sort out first what kind of presentation you want to produce you will find it easier when you inspect what is on offer even though you will probably change your mind a great deal when you see what is possible.

Pick up as many brochures and catalogues as you can find because then you can study at leisure.

This is a service which you can offer locally and grow by word of mouth. You can, of course, offer your services further afield through advertising. The least expensive way of showing and describing your services is to have a website. You then only have to point the way by giving out the address. For the best deal it is possible to obtain visit:  SBI!

Of, course, you will need to get your scrapbooking service underway first. It is quite a good idea to make up some scrapbooks for yourself and maybe your family. This would give you something to show and also give you practice.

Take photographs of various finished pages to use as future examples to show prospective clients what you can produce. Put together a portfolio of your work and this can then be transferred to your website.

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