Do you like needlework? Are you a neat worker? Why not start a Sewing Business?

It can be the basis of various types of business, for example:

1 Repairs and Alterations

2 Children’s Outfits

3 Bridal Wear

4 Home Furnishings

Decide on a niche that you will love and gain satisfaction from. For some areas you may find it an uphill struggle to get going. However, once you are underway and people get to know of you, your business will snowball.

One thing to stay away from is trying to compete with the prices of clothing in the local stores. Much these days is extremely cheap and you will not make even a small income.

Rather produce more individual designs. This can be for a particular client or your own select range.

There are many people who like to have top quality, well made items and are will to pay the price asked. Part of your business will be about finding these prospective clients.

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