Start a Knitting Group

This is a nice relaxed way of obtaining an income. Depending upon how you tackle this it can provide a little extra cash, a good monthly income or a business.

So what is needed?

Do you knit or crochet, or both? If so you have some knowledge about the craft. You probably also have a collection of patterns and a stash of yarn.

Are there any groups already in your area? This is an activity that people are not necessarily going to travel far to undertake. Just see what is on offer and find the gaps.

Are there village halls, community centres and the like somewhere near the place you have decided upon? Find somewhere which has a pleasant room where you can meet. This will often be called a “Meeting Room” or “Committee Room” and will possibly have seating around a table – just the sort of place you are looking for.

Is there a kitchen that you may use? All that is needed is a kettle and some cups/mugs.

Is the hire fee reasonable? Some halls charge a great deal of money whereas you will find others are quite low cost. It is possible at the moment to pay as little as £5 an hour. You will only need two hours. This can be extended if you find that there is call for it.

Are there enough potential members? You possibly will not find out until you are under way. Begin by advertising the new group three or four weeks before the start date. Get people to contact you to show interest. Try to organise a deal with the hall manager to offset the cost. Many want the premises hired out regularly so if it seems that you will be with them throughout the year it will pay them to help you out at the beginning. However, if you find a meeting room at a low cost it will be worth paying up front in expectation of what will come.

What session fee will you charge? Again look around at groups meeting in the same part of the country as you to see what they charge. Those meeting in yarn shops or at home will probably be free to attend. Others may charge a fee up to £5 per session. Just work out your outgoings on room hire and refreshment divide this between about half the number that the room will hold and then add your commission from items you will help sell.

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