Tourist Rocks

If you live in a tourist area why not sell local rocks. For example, if you live on the coast where there is a pebble beach, collect a few nicely shaped rocks which will act as paper weights, doorstops or ornaments.

Take them home. Give them a good wash. Stick a piece of rubber underneath so that it will set down nicely without moving or marking the surface on which it stands.

You can then decorate with swirling patterns or, if you are artistic, with a local view. Include the name of the resort.

These souvenir or designer rocks will sell quite well if offered in the right sort of retail outlet.

One of the great advantages of this business is that you can work on the articles the year round even though they will only sell in the tourist season.

No matter how many or how few you are able to produce each year, it is advisable to have more than one outlet. If you are able to produce a considerable number then think about producing for more than one resort. That is, your town plus the next town along the coast.

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