About Me

I hope that everyone who comes to this website will take something away which is of help to them.  I’m having a great deal of satisfaction putting it all together and including various things I have learned along the way from personal experience and from others I’ve come into contact with.

So I suppose I ought to say something about myself so that you will understand where I have gathered my information.

About Me

I sat down to write a page About Me. Now I am not very comfortable with talking about myself. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t try to hide anything. I am not ashamed of anything in my past. Well it wasn’t too clever being pulled up by police and being told that one of my tyres had insufficient tread!

What I really wanted to write about was why I think I should be putting this website together. To begin with I just thought I could help people think through what kind of business they could run. Let me give you some of my qualifications and experience that enable me to give this kind of advice.

OK first in this “About Me” let me give you some of my formal qualifications:

• Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree

• Teaching Certificate

• Athletics Coach (Grade 4 – Master Coach)

• Athletics Field Technical Judge

• Life Coach Certificate

Now a bit about how I have used my qualifications.

• I have taught in various schools through all age groups

• I have taught and lectured in Business Studies from basic to MBA levels

• One of my loves is Athletics, both judging and coaching. I am happy working with groups of youngsters as well as my mature group of athletes.

• As a Life Coach I guide individuals through their decision making, usually at tricky times in their lives

• I act as a Business Consultant to those who want advice and guidance on business start up matters.

• My involvement in direct selling has enabled me to learn the methods of distribution as well as support others in building their own businesses.

Well that’s a general overall picture of me and what I do. I think it gives me a good foundation on which to build this website.

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