Card Mailing

A Card Mailing service helps a business grow without involving overworked staff

Companies, large and small, spend fortunes on Card Mailing each year. Unfortunately the task of actually packing and sending cards, calendars, and so on has to be fitted in among the normal everyday work of the staff. This usually causes the office staff to become overworked and stressed.

You can run a very welcome business support service here. You can organize the process from beginning to end or any part required.

You can buy in the cards ready printed for the client. Organize a data base of recipients. Pack and send on date(s) specified.

There are various times throughout the year when the service is useful to overworked business offices. Of course, you will try to arrange your service so that you are working well ahead of mailing dates.

Times of year when your service is most needed include: Christmas, Passover, Eid – and I am sure you will be able to identify more. Many companies also like to mark other dates which are specific to them.

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