Businesses often need to run Mailshots

This often takes too much time from other important tasks with the regular office staff. By offering this service you will help with the smooth running of the client’s office and perhaps saving the employment and lay off of casual staff. Your clients will come to value your reliability and be only too pleased to return to you each time a Mailshot needs to be sent out.

Your business support service in this case would be putting the data into a program which will then produce envelopes or labels and letters with individual greeting. Some companies like the salutation and the envelope to be handwritten so if you are neat you can offer this service. This makes it appear to be a more personal mailing.

You then neatly fold the letters and other material and insert in the appropriate envelope. You stick on the stamps and take for posting.

Once this is set up you can more easily have repeat runs.

You need to be well organized to make this run efficiently. It can produce a nice, steady income.

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