Personal Assistant

A Personal Assistant these days can run an office for clients from their own premises whilst appearing to be in the same location

It is possible to be in regular contact so that you know exactly what is needed. You can also become a full part of your client’s business.

All or some of the other business support services can be included plus the following.

Telephone: Calls can be diverted so that you appear to be within the client’s offices. This works better than an answering machine giving a personal feel. People will often not leave a message or ring back – they prefer immediate personal contact.

Appointments: A shared diary online will enable you to make appointment for the client.

Correspondence: Recorded audio can be sent via the internet and you type up letters and such like from this. If you visit a client then shorthand is useful or you could take with you a recorder.

Several clients can be looked after by one Personal Assistant. It is essential though to be able to slip immediately into whichever business you are representing at the time.

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