Typing Services

Typing Services are sought by many who cannot, or do not want to, type. If you are good this will give you a good steady income

Many people do not have good keyboarding skills and for them business support is a necessary option. If you do have these skills plus an eye for presentation this could be the business for you.

The kinds of work you could offer:

correspondence for small companies;

theses for students;

reports for researchers;

manuscripts for authors;

menus for restaurants;

estimates for trades people.

Long pieces will often be sent to you in handwritten format so you will need to be good at deciphering. These days these finished items can be set up on pdf files and delivered via the internet. It will save on paper for you and also mean that the writer can print off as many copies as needed or indeed deliver it via the internet or on disk. The writer will be comfortable in the knowledge that it will arrive in perfect condition.

Shorter pieces such as letters, estimates and menus can be telephoned through to you or sent by audio over the internet. Again they can be printed off by the client.

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