Stay on Task

Working from home may have always been a dream for you. It is a great way to stay home and tend to things that happen there, as well as cut down on commuting and saving gas, in a time when gas prices are higher than they have been in recent years. A home [...]

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Make Advertising Pay

How You Can Make Advertising Pay Big Dividends

McGraw Hill once commissioned an extensive study to determine what marketing weapons make a company famous in it’s market or community.

The study went on to show that advertising created more product, service, or brand awareness than all other marketing weapons combined.

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Getting Free Advertising

16 Methods for Getting Free Advertising

1. Place copies of your circular on bulletin boards throughout your community, such as in coin-operated laundries, grocery stores, barber shops, etc. Concentrate of Fridays and Saturdays when shopping increases.

2. Check with local newspapers. Before going to press, many smaller newspapers have space left [...]

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Free or Inexpensive Advertising

Connie Baird

The life blood of any business is advertising, no matter how big or small. No advertising usually means no business. Large companies have an almost unlimited source of advertising dollars. Small business owners on the other hand, are limited in the amount of money they have for advertising. So, [...]

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Make Your Business Different

Every business should endeavor to create a unique selling proposition in order to be able to rise above the competition and drive company sales and/or performance higher.

Majority of the world’s successful businesses made their mark by putting into words their company’s capabilities. Slogans that articulate a company’s capabilities are crucial [...]

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Business Tax Advantages

Home Based Business Tax Advantages

You already know how wonderful it can be to work from home, but do you realize how many home based business tax advantages exist? Here in the United States, many people operate home based businesses just to take advantage of the numerous tax deductions.

Claiming the [...]

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Business Insurance

Home Based Business Insurance  Do I Need It?

Well, that all depends. If you have insurance, you probably won’t use it. If you don’t have it, you’ll probably be sorry. Insurance is just one of those necessary evils. Keep the following points in mind when you consider whether or not you need [...]

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Business Mail Follow-Up System

Do I Need a Home Based Business Mail Follow-Up System?

Yes, yes,  yes! You most definitely do. In marketing circles, research studies indicate that people need seven exposures to your offer before they buy from you. So, how you can you guarantee that they visit your site those seven times? Simple  [...]

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Ideas For People Who Love to Cook

Home Based Business Ideas For People Who Love to Cook

Maybe you love to cook? Perhaps you’d spend every waking hour in the kitchen if you could, especially if you didnt have to work at a job everyday? What if you could earn money and do what you love at the same time? [...]

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Business Opportunities for Crafters

Home Based Business Opportunities for Crafters

Home based business opportunities are only limited by the crafter’s own imagination. Uniquely crafted items are always in demand. Who doesn’t appreciate the originality of something handmade,  something that will be treasured for many years to come? People love these individualized craft items and most [...]

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