Stay Focused and Avoid Procrastination

Running a home business can be fantastic. You have the flexibility to set your own hours, freedom to make your own schedule and you get to be your own boss. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to stay focused. Your mind can wander, tasks can fall by the wayside, the kids are calling, procrastination sets [...]

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Lessons in Advertising

When you are starting out in a new home business and no one knows who you are, one of the greatest challenges you will face is how to drum up new business.

If there were not people in your community or marketplace that you knew who needed your products or services, you probably [...]

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Make Advertising Pay

How You Can Make Advertising Pay Big Dividends

McGraw Hill once commissioned an extensive study to determine what marketing weapons make a company famous in it’s market or community.

The study went on to show that advertising created more product, service, or brand awareness than all other marketing weapons combined.

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Getting Free Advertising

16 Methods for Getting Free Advertising

1. Place copies of your circular on bulletin boards throughout your community, such as in coin-operated laundries, grocery stores, barber shops, etc. Concentrate of Fridays and Saturdays when shopping increases.

2. Check with local newspapers. Before going to press, many smaller newspapers have space left [...]

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Make Your Business Different

Every business should endeavor to create a unique selling proposition in order to be able to rise above the competition and drive company sales and/or performance higher.

Majority of the world’s successful businesses made their mark by putting into words their company’s capabilities. Slogans that articulate a company’s capabilities are crucial [...]

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Boost Your Profits

It’s not the total amount of sales that matter – your business can still lose money if you fail to close attention to your profit margins despite the seemingly profitable market performance.

Budding entrepreneurs setting up their new business should be aware of one very important aspect of a business enterprise [...]

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Product Pricing – Some Common Mistakes

Pricing products and services is the number one challenge for any business.

Regardless if you are already a well-established business, or a startup, pricing is a very sensitive area especially for low-margin, highly competitive niche markets. Most pricing concerns point to one factor – risk. High prices can put your product or service out of [...]

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