Catering Requirements

If you are to run a catering business you must, of course, have a love of food preparation in the chosen area. Organization and efficiency is necessary in order to pull everything together when working to deadlines. In many cases catering for others is about special events so EVERY project must be treated as special.

By starting at a basic level, start up costs can be kept low. Use your own domestic kitchen – this will need to be adapted if you are preparing large amounts. Another room may be necessary to gather food as it is ready. Hygiene is, of course, a big requirement and you should contact the specific department to inspect your facilities.


You will need your collection of recipes to fulfill the items you are going to offer. Your recipes will, of course, depend on the area of catering you are going to be working in. I am attempting here to bring you a collection of top quality information packages which you can use to build up your own list of products. Keep coming back to see additions.

If you are going to specialise in Indian curries or just include some in your range, then you need to look at

‘Secrets of the Indian Restaurant Curry’

This curry book will teach you everything about making curries exactly like the Indian curry you enjoy at the curry house. A curry recipe for every occasion.

If your love is Cake Making then much valuable information for celebration cakes can be found in:

‘Dream Cakes Made Easy’

In the time it takes you to set a timer, you can flip through the pages of Dream Cakes Made Easy, and find the perfect birthday cake decorating idea, baby shower decorating idea, wedding cake decorating idea from a gallery of the best recipes the world over.


Depending on the type of catering you choose, you will need to gather together enough utensils to prepare and produce your wares. If , for example, you intend baking cakes, not only will you need several cake baking tins of the same size but you should find the best way to fit in your oven the most possible.

Several preparation/mixing bowls will save you needing to wash them individually. Neatly stacked, used equipment can be washed up much more efficiently in bulk. Serving dishes and table platters are needed for presentation.

Work out how you are going to pack the food ready for transportation. Don’t think that any packing will do – it is quite possible that your customers will see this. Take care at all times to present well and concentrate on hygiene. After all, if there is ever an inkling of food poisoning your business could quite easily be finished.


Obviously for most you can make do with whatever vehicle you have so long as it is spotlessly clean. Have some white sheeting to cover the insides of the car/van.

When you have your business well underway that’s the time to consider customized transport for your type of catering.

What to wear

Some sort of crisp, clean uniform will impress the customers when delivering their food. If you are staying to serve then you should consider a further set of clothes suitable for waiting at table.


The type of advertising will very much depend on your particular catering service.

• Advert in local newspaper

• Leaflets

• Telephone calls

• Personal visits to shops/business premises

• Business cards

• Printed napkins

Always leave information on the table while arranging buffet food. Have your company name/logo on packing.

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