Food Delivery Service

Think about wanting to eat. Especially in the evening after work. You don’t want to set about cooking. You don’t want the hassle of getting ready and going out to eat.  What do you do? You phone for a pizza or a Chinese takeaway.

How do you choose what type of meal you order? Well there isn’t much choice is there? You are forced to choose what is on offer. You might like the meals that are served at various other eating places but if you want them you will have to go out.  That brings us back to having to get suitably dressed for which ever venue it is that serves what it is you want.

OK. So how many people do you think there are of like mind in your town? I would say that there are plenty to base a business on. Here is my idea for offering a service:

Contact all the restaurants, public houses and other eating places in your town. Talk with the individual owners and tell them that you can turn their business into a takeaway. Your business is to provide the home delivery service for them.

Work out how much it will cost you to deliver the meals within, say, a five mile radius.  Add your fee plus administration and commission.

Once you have this under way you can pay others to actually carry out the deliveries.  That’s where the administration and commission fees come in – it’s best to calculate them at the beginning so that you don’t have to raise your costs.

Much of the work will be at the weekends.  You will be in a position to work up the business. Then take on drivers.  Then start up again in the next location.

This can be a small business which brings in a steady stream of extra cash. Or, you can build it up into a big business with others doing the work under your guidance.

Think how much you will help other businesses in your area to expand.

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