Meals on Wheels

Individual Frozen Meals

Meals on wheels or individual frozen meals delivered directly to the customer is a growing market niche. In any locality there are a variety of individuals who need to buy their meals prepared and ready for them to just pop in the oven.

This type of food preparation differs from usual cooking of meals. The main difference is that you will need to experiment with how long each item has to be cooked bearing in mind that the meal will be frozen and then reheated. So times will need to be adjusted and moisture has to be regulated. You can end up with a mushy, dried up mess. Get it right though and you will produce superb looking and tasting meals for your meals on wheels service.

Learn at Home

I learned by experimenting on my family! It started because I have always worked such odd hours. I don’t like feeding my loved ones the superstore ready meals. So I would have big cook days and freeze my home made dinners ready for when I needed to be away at times when members of the family wanted to eat.

This just needed a bit of tweaking in order to have a commercially viable business.

You too can begin by trialling your favourites. Remember though that not all meals lend themselves to this method. The best meals for this treatment are:

• Roasts

• Casseroles

• Curries

• Pasta dishes

• Plus hot and cold desserts

They can be prepared for cooking from frozen in a regular oven or a microwave. This, of course, will need care with the packaging on your part.

Research your Market

Who is the target for your meals on wheels? There can be a whole range of people including the following:

• The elderly who can no longer cope with cooking

• Single people who do not want to bother with cooking just for themselves

• Career people who are short of time

• Disabled people who find cooking difficult (or even dangerous)

Begin by researching your locality to discover how many people might make use of your service.

Decide how your deliveries will be organised

Of course, the major consideration here is how you will transport the individual frozen meals on wheels. They have to go from your freezer into the customers’ freezers without defrosting at all. So you will need to invest in equipment which will keep your products in a frozen condition.

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