Mobile Lunch Provider

Being a Mobile Lunch Provider can be a very good and expanding business.

There are many businesses which are not large enough to have their own restaurants. May be they are too far away from retail food outlets. The workers may just not want to go out to find food. This is where this catering idea can come in.

Build up a regular round of companies where the workers wish to buy your products.

Stock a variety of sandwiches, cakes, yoghurts, soft drinks, and so on. You will learn what sells well. People will tell you what they would like if you ask them. You could take orders one day for the next so that your customers are not disappointed.

Contact the companies to offer your services for their workers. Obtain permission to park in a convenient place at a regular time for the workers to visit you.

Well wrapped food can be delivered quite early, giving you the chance to visit many companies. The consumers can then decide when to eat their packed lunch.

This catering idea needs an early start in order to prepare all the food ready for distribution.

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