Snack Box Business

A Snack Box Business, once set up, is simple to run. It involves supplying business premises with a package of snacks for the employees to buy

There are two starting points to this:

1. Decide what will go into your packages.

2. Find customers points.

Let’s begin with the first point: the packages

You will need a box or deep tray. This could have built in dividers. Make sure that you will be able to continue getting the same design in future.

Into this box you will pack stocks. These are chocolate bars, small biscuit packs, individual packets of savoury snacks. Buy these from a wholesaler.

Include a detailed price list. Decide on the total cost for each fully stocked box and make sure it comes to a round figure.

Then you will need customers

Visit small businesses which employ staff but do not have cafeteria. Especially good will be those companies situated on industrial / trading estates and business parks. These areas tend not to have local stores. Once the work force is in the building there is no where to obtain snacks. This is where your Snack Box Business comes into its own.

When you are given permission to deliver your boxes, agree on who will have charge and therefore responsibility for the contents and the cash.

You will need to decide how often you will visit each company to deliver fresh boxes and pick up empty boxes and cash. Also in order to deliver enough you may wish to drop off two or more boxes at a time so that there is enough stock between visits.

A Snack Box Business is great to run

It is simple and you can build it up as far as you want. It is also a business which can be expanded by involving others.

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