Child Care

Child care is a good option if you have a love of children.

Maybe you are already caring for a grandchild. If so this would bring in some income while you need to stay at home. It will also provide playmates for your grandchild.

This is not an easy option. Children are quite hard work. However, if you are fit and healthy you may find that this is a business which will be very fulfilling for you.

What do you need for this type of work?

1 First and foremost you need a love of children

2 Suitable accommodation.

3 An abundance of patience.

4 An ability to learn about and carry through activities for the children.

5 Qualifications – not normally necessary in many countries.

6 Check out whether you need a licence in your state or country.

7 How many children can you cope with? Or how many are you allowed to have? Don’t forget that you must include your own in the total.

You can arrange your own timings. Maybe you will have children for the full working day. Some could be mornings only. You could look after children at the end of the school day or during school holidays. There are as many possibilities as there are children.
If you find there is plenty of call for your services you may like to explore the possibility of setting up a day care centre with employees. This is an area where you can begin small and then take that leap into a good size business.

I’ve collected together some articles on this subject that you may care to look through to help you make a decision. There will be more to come in the future. This is something that I care passionately about, having spent many years in teaching and running a school.

Also I would recommend that you obtain Starting a Day Care Center Start-Up Guide Kit as this will give you a thorough look at all that is required.

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