Cleaning Start up Costs

Cleaning start up costs can be kept extremely low for these businesses. Overheads are also generally low.

Earnings are limited by the number of hours you can work as an individual. However, staff can be recruited to build the business. Each business can be expanded into other geographical areas.


For a business which depends on customers from specific neighbourhoods, consider the following methods:

• Advert in the local newspaper

• Cards in shop windows

• Distribution of leaflets

• Phone calls

• Face to face visits

What to wear

Design a uniform for actual cleaning. Even if you start out as an individual, wear clothing that is comfortable for working and looks clean and tidy. Think how it will look on others when it becomes part of your business. Choose colors carefully. For instance, you could have a yellow polo top, dark green trousers and a matching cap. The top and cap could have your company logo and name printed or embroidered on them.

For dirty jobs such as oven cleaning, you should wear a coverall uniform. Again think of color and the addition of logo and company name.

When approaching prospects specifically to offer your services wear business dress. Your list of cleaning start up costs should include this clothing. This turns you into management rather than worker. To begin with you may in fact be both business owner and worker. Be cheerful in both roles. Be efficient and professional


It may be that you will carry your own cleaning equipment or use what is in the customers premises. I think is preferable to use your own equipment because you know exactly what you have. Make lists of all the cleaning start up equipment that you will need, for example:

• Buckets

• Cloths

• Wiper blades

• Dusters

• Gloves

• Cleaning fluids, etc

• Vacuum cleaner (you might leave this until you are underway)

• Ladders (for window cleaning)

For jobs where you may make some mess, such as oven cleaning, provide covers to protect the kitchens of your customers.

Uniforms, covers, cloths, and so on should be washed frequently

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