Contract Cleaning

Contract Cleaning is working in commercial premises such as shops, offices and banks

The work is usually undertaken outside the normal 9 – 5 work routine. Carry out the tasks well, perhaps with a good team of workers, and the customers will stay with you. The business is regular and allows for expansion.

If you feel that this is the business for you then consider the following points. You must be reliable, enjoy routine and working unsocial hours. The work is steady. Income is good when you have built a customer base. The work itself is without stress once you have organized yourself. The start up costs are low.

This is a great way to earn an income. The bulk of the day’s work is over by 9am and then you can go on to other interests.

The type of cleaning is all about making sure that everything is ready for the occupants to start work immediately at opening time.

• Dusting / cleaning desks and counters

• Emptying waste bins

• Vacuuming floors

• Cleaning staff kitchen area

• Cleaning toilets / bathrooms

Much will depend on what is wanted by the client. However, I will say here, take care that everything you undertake is safe to do.

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