Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning is a service which is needed everywhere

Everyone, wherever they are, has windows. Homes, shops, offices all have windows. Windows need to be clean so that the building looks good on the outside and so that people can see out from the inside. It is, therefore, a basic need which many will be happy to pay for.

It is a business which is easy to set up so there may be competition in your locality. You can specialize on a particular area such as banks, or small high street shops. Maybe offer that little extra, a full shop front clean up which would include washing the paintwork and shop signs. Always look for that little extra which will make you stand out from your rivals.

Window Cleaning can be practiced at home. Clean all your windows while you time yourself. You need to find out just how many customers you can service within each day. Learn to be thorough. You are timing to see how long it takes not to break records.

If you have a friend who has a store front maybe you could practice there. This will give you a good idea of what it is like to clean trading premises.

This is a regular business. Work out how often you are going to visit your customers. This will differ. The exterior of commercial premises will suffer varying degrees of grime according to position. Premises alongside busy main roads will get a great deal of grubbiness which will need frequent cleaning. In traffic free shopping streets premises will remain clean for longer.

You’ll need to be physically fit and enjoy working outside whatever the weather. To start up you will need ladders and a way to transport them.

As you become older and perhaps do not want to continue with such physical exertion you can have others run the rounds for you. Alternatively you could sell it as a going concern.

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