Courier and Display Service

A Courier and Display Service ensures good assembly of displays for manufacturers at retail outlets

There are companies who need goods delivered and then displayed in shops and supermarkets. These displays are set up by representatives of the supplying company in order to make sure they are as required – not just ‘thrown’ together by a lowly shop assistant.

Go into any store and you will see free standing displays devoted to a specific line from a particular company. This is especially so at certain times of year such as Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s and so on. Small gifts and greetings cards are good examples.

These displays need to be delivered and erected with a tight time frame. The displays are not difficult to assemble – you will become quite quick at it.

The display cases are made of heavy duty card which gains its strength from the way it is folded. Some are free standing on the floor and will be up to about 5ft in height. Others are much smaller and are designed to sit on a counter.

Contact the companies that you discover by visiting stores and offer to become their representative in your locality.

The display units will be delivered to you in bulk so you will need somewhere to store them.

If you wish to run a Courier and Display Service you will need transport. For small items it may be possible to use your family car. It depends on how big the parts of the display case are and how bulky the contents.

You will also want to be able to take several with you at a time otherwise you will be using up both time and money traveling back and forth to home and the various sites. Some companies will provide a suitable van but will expect you to work for them only.

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