Courier Service

Run a Courier Service to help businesses in your area send and receive packages and small goods efficiently

This is a messenger service providing help in niche areas of locality or business. Everyone seems to want everything NOW. For you this could be the chance to build a business acting as a courier.

There are various levels/distances to take into account. Small packets of documents, medical items, photographs and so on need same day delivery. All items and small equipment can also need next day delivery further afield.

It may be that you might like to specialize within particular types of business. Careful research will be necessary to find out who wants what. It could take time to build up and become well known for your cheerfulness and efficiency.

If you decide to run a long distance Courier Service you will need to work out a system whereby you can get an assignment for the return journey.

If you choose to deliver packets and small items you will be able to use your existing transport.

You might like to consider a simple uniform. Use your clothing and vehicle to advertise your business.

Have your business name, phone number and website prominently displayed.

Courier Service is a great business to feel free out there on the road but you must be a reliable timekeeper. You are limited by the number of deliveries you can make in the time available to you.

You can run your service in an area which is tight to your home and get back every evening. You could organize it to go further afield and stay overnight.

I have found that working away gives great reasons to visit friends and family who live at a distance!Driving can be quite taxing as you get older.

Think about whether you would like to build a team of couriers.

Also contact established courier companies to let them know you are available. There are always times when these businesses find themselves overstretched and are happy to contract out to reliable people.

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