Personal Driving Service

Personal Driving Service can give great pleasure to the person operating it

This is a bit like a taxi service but more specialized. There are many elderly and others who do not have a license to drive.

Everyone needs to make regular visits such as to the hairdressers, doctor’s, dentist’s for appointments; for social meetings to clubs or friends; for necessities such as grocery shopping. Some trips will be very short. Remember you are dealing with people who cannot walk very far. Other trips may be at quite a distance if a hospital appointment is the destination.

You could work with a select few people who need not only to be driven but would appreciate your care and assistance. They probably would not be comfortable with a younger person who maybe hurries them. As a mature person you will show much understanding.

Advertise in places where your target groups of people tend to go. Good places may be the special housing developments for the elderly and infirm.

This is a super type of business because you really feel that you are helping people who need you. You will also find that as your clients appreciate your helpfulness they will become much more than paying customers. You will care about them and they will ask after you and your concerns. Never forget, however, that you are running a business.

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