Event Organising

Want to try your hand at Event Organising? Are you good at organizing? Do you like to get everything ready and in place? Love bringing together all the strands, large and small, which make a good, smooth running event?

Event Organising is a highly paid business because it is high pressure. For the efficient, well disciplined person this is a great way to go.

Here are a few ideas that you can explore and use. The type(s) of event that you plan to organize will, of course, be within areas of interest which you already know and have interest in.


Most companies, industries, interests put on conferences which can be regional or national. Event Organising in this case will mean you will:

• Inspect and book the venue, making sure that it has all the facilities necessary for the specific event

• Arrange catering

• Arrange for stands and their users

• Arrange music/entertainers

• Speakers

• Technology for presentation – screens, audio equipment, lights (is it in situ or will you have to bring it in?)

• Printing of programmes, tickets

• Mailing of tickets/invitations

• Decoration – cloths, drapes, name/logo banners

• Behind the scenes, on the day, organization, linking and continuity.

You will begin by finding out what your client requires. List everything and price individual items. Set out a full quotation for the client. Having your intentions in writing saves disputes later.


Someone has to organize these. The best are very tightly arranged. They can’t be thrown together the week before they are due to happen.

There are so many people to contact – and they won’t all reply or make decisions immediately.

A particular exhibition will have a central theme but in order to fill hall(s) or field(s) and make it more interesting to visitors you need to be able to cast your thoughts further afield.

Sports Events

Again, behind the scenes there is much scope. You may, or may not, be involved in the actual fixture but there is much more.

Facilities are needed for the participants and officials. Separate areas are needed for spectators and here you will probably arrange for sales related to the particular sport and various food outlets.

Car parking also needs careful planning to prevent chaos.

Event Organising – some more detail Some ideas which should set you thinking
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