Event Organiser

These are some of the qualities you need to be an Event Organiser.

You need to be good at organising – well that’s a given surely. What does it mean though? Do you make lists and follow them? This is essential. You need the ability to work everything out on paper. Then make lists of what is needed and arrange under dates.

It is then necessary to follow through with military precision. Every time you find something more is needed it must be written down. Never leave anything to your memory. As you plan more you will become more proficient at knowing what needs to go on your lists in the first place. It is from your lists that you will work out a quotation.
List in a broad way at the beginning. For example:

• Venue

• Accommodation for participants

• Catering

• Entertainment

• Transport

• Stands/space for exhibitors/vendors

• Publicity and press

• Equipment

• Tickets and brochures

• Delegate packs

• Insurance and security

• Health and safety

• Setting up and taking down

From these various different areas will come your more detailed lists which will cover everything you need to do and have in place as an event organiser.

You will see the need to have an eye for detailand an understanding of all that needs doing.

Decision making is also a prime quality. There is no room for dithering. You will often be called upon to decide matters immediately.

Do you like people? You will need to because you will be working with so many at all stages. You will also need to be able to communicate with all the types of people you will be dealing with. The ability to communicate your wishes and intentions to everyone involved is an absolute must if you are going to achieve the desired results.

Also needed is tact – by the bucketful. Sweet talking your suppliers, contractors and venue management is needed in order to get things the way you want. You will also need to tread carefully with clients especially if and when you have to break bad news to them – always try to have a solution to any problem ready to offer.


Starting as an Event Organiser, you will need to assemble details of services and venues so that you have them at your fingertips when required.

I set out here some of the things you will need to search out. This list is by no means exhaustive. You will in time collect your own little touches.


Seek out all likely places within the locality you will be working and the type of events you will be specializing in as an Event Organiser. Many different types of places are now including conference and exhibition facilities. For example:

• Hotels

• Golf clubs

• Horse racing tracks

• Football stadiums

So look into every large building or complex – you never know what you might find. Collect, not only the addresses, but all the brochures and menus and details of any web sites.


These are required during times when people need to relax or a a “warm up” for the event proper. Contact agencies for lists of acts.

Some people you may come across individually but most work through agencies.


Get to know who like to be included so that you have a good basis for any event. Make lists of types of businesses so that you can contact them when you have an event which suits.

Advertising in trade journals will bring in enquiries which you can add to your event organiser lists.


This will often come as a package with the venue. You should still keep records of other good caterers you manage to find. Some of these people seem to hide away probably because they get plenty of work by word of mouth.

As an Event Organiser you will be called upon to arrange happenings in places which do not come with caterers such as open air shows where you need to have tents and marquees erected.


You will need to source various items from the printers:

• Tickets/invitations

• Programmes

• Brochures

• Catalogues

• Posters

• Signs (inside venue and on roads)

• Delegate packs

It’s not enough to have the items printed. The dispatch of invitations or sale of tickets will have to take place at a pre-arranged date well before the actual event.

There are many items which need printing but are often overlooked by amateurs.

If you make it clear that you are a professional Event Organiser then you can often negotiate special prices.


The venue you will be using for an event may advertise that it has all you need. Don’t just accept this. Ask to check it all out. Right down to the smallest item on your list. Be prepared to source your needs elsewhere and bring in for the event.

Records will be necessary so that you know where to go for everything you need from ballpoint pens, through chairs and tables to large marquees.

As an Event Organiser you have the responsibility for making sure that everything is in place. It is no good later saying that you thought it was all under control.


There are insurers who specialize in any type of event you are going to organize. However, start seeking them out early so that you have the insurance in place in plenty of time.

Make sure that you will not be liable should there be an unforeseen happening.

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