Gardening Services

These gardening ideas are only workable for the physically active. Perhaps consider setting it up and getting it running and then give over the physical work to younger people. You will then have a business that you can organize and supervise.

Try to offer a range of specific services plus general maintenance.


Landscaping is a rather specialized area so don’t experiment with an unsuspecting client. Practice on your own garden and those of family and friends.

This needs close consultation. The job runs from interview and instruction through design and approval, hard digging to planting and completion.

It is very satisfying to create a garden in its entirety.

Lawn Management

At one level, this is nothing more than cutting the grass. It does, however, include the following as required by the client:

• Level and prepare the ground followed by turf laying or seeding

• Cutting grass and trimming edges

• Scarifying

• Treatment and care – that includes feeding and weed killing

Hedge and Tree Care

Useful for people who need their hedges and trees tidied and kept under control and also for those who need to start from the beginning in a new plot or ripping out and replanting.

• Planting

• Cutting and shaping

• General maintenance


You will need a good knowledge of various plants here in order to get the different heights in the right places and selected colors throughout the year.

• Bedding plants for the different seasons to keep the beds colorful.

• Shrubs and roses and such like which will need planting and pruning

• Digging, hoeing and weed control

General Maintenance

You can take in many areas under this title. It really depends on what you actually would like to do. Don’t say yes to everything – set your limits and stick to them.

• Cleaning and power washing slabbing, patios and decking

• Painting – fences, sheds, garden furniture

Flower boxes, pots and hanging baskets

Now these will give a really startling display of color for your clients whether they have a garden or not. Work which brings a lot of pleasure to so many people.

• Preparation and planting

• General care

Much of the foregoing is very useful for home owners who are too busy to cope but would like a beautiful garden to enjoy.

There are also businesses who need gardening undertaken but not enough work to have a full time employee.

Many small businesses in towns and villages will be grateful for a service which supplies flower boxes, tubs and hanging baskets and maintain them.

If you are going to prepare tubs and baskets then do it on your own premises. This will make life easier for you. When they are ready to give the required splash of color, deliver and place them.

Either grow all your plants from seeds or seek out a reliable plant nursery.

Grave care

This service is one that is appreciated by the relatives and friends of the deceased. Cemeteries are normally well looked after but the actual graves are in the care of relatives. The people who want well kept graves often live at a distance or are physically unable to do it themselves.

Tasks that can be quoted for are:

• Cleaning of the headstone

• Weeding and cutting grass

• Flower planting

• Delivery of cut flowers

This service can be a business on its own if you take the trouble to offer it in the right places at the right time. People may not look upon this as a gardening service so would not necessarily come to you. However, graves can be carefully tended as though they were small gardens. It is usually carried out under contract so in this way you can tend several graves in the same cemetery on the same days.

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