Internet Business

Although much of my work these days is carried out on line I have been very loath to suggest it as a business idea. Why? Mainly because so many so called experts push it as a get rich quick method and I don’t want to be involved with this scammy sort of  dealing.

So why relent? Well there is so much that anyone can do online. It is such a wonderful medium to use that I shouldn’t continue to ignore it. After all the con artists with their money making scams use the mail, phone and so on and I don’t steer clear of these. Going online is just another form of communication to get your business in front of others.

Right – I hope I’ve got that cleared up. What I intend doing is give you pointers to some of the many, many ways that the internet can help build a business, whether as part of a bricks and mortar business or purely an online business.


There are many, many ways in which the internet can be used. There are probably as many ways as there are people using it. The use of the internet will depend upon what the individual wishes to achieve. I shall only deal with a few main strands here just to give you a taste of what you can look into to reach the goals you have in mind.

For those who wish to be able to work AT home with no need to meet people or even speak with anyone on the telephone the internet offers the ideal platform. You can be quite anonymous online. So no matter what your age you can be the equal of everyone else. However, I strongly advise that you project the person that you are. Your character and personality should be allowed to shine through. This is your essential being – not your age, not your gender, not your colour or race.

In all your dealings online be honest, be ethical. Work on keeping a good reputation. If you can be trusted and be seen to be offering good value you will build up a good following for your online presence.

I list here some main headings. I hope you will find something that appeals and feel motivated to dig deeper into your choice.

Information Site

One of the best ways of working entirely online is to build a website full of information about a particular subject. This will take a while to set up but once it reaches the point where it is the authority site for a good number of visitors it can be used to produce an income.

Online Store

Set up a website which is an online store. This is where you show your products online for buyers to choose from. Basically this is mail order with a catalogue on the internet which of course saves on printing and postage. Also you can gather buyers without a great deal of expenditure.

Retail Store Website

If you have a retail store then putting your products online will boost sales. This can be very advantageous in many ways. One of the drawbacks of a retail store, in my experience, is the time of day when you have to be open for business but there is a lack of custom. This time can be used by you and/or your staff to check online orders and get them packed ready for mailing. In this way having a website does not take up more time but in fact uses time which may be wasted each day.

Local Service Business

If you perform a service in your local area having a website is a great advantage. You will list the types of work you undertake, show photographs of work done, give contact details, show a map of areas covered. Again the website will depend on the individual needs.

Website Building Business

You may wish to build websites for businesses in your local area. There are many business owners who have neither the time or inclination to do this kind of thing for themselves. If you know how to create and build a good looking site then you will be in demand.


There are many people who are making a good living by listing items on ebay. Again this is not an overnight success. It needs planning the same as any other business and there are various ways of tackling the selling which depends upon a multitude of systems which can be put into placde

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