Mail Order

Mail Order is a method of selling goods or services by mail delivery to the customer.

Depending upon the item(s) you are selling, Mail Order Business can be one of the best business models you could choose.

The general public have gradually become Mail Order users. Think about the number of catalogues or single sheets that fall out of the newspapers and magazines offering various products for delivery to your door.  Look at many of the advertisements in these same publications, they too are offering items.  Surf the internet and you will find masses of things that you can receive by mail.

No, it’s not a new idea – but it is a good idea.  Decide upon what you could sell  and then decide how you are going to sell it.

The fantastic idea of running a mail order business is one that appeals to many.  The reasons are fairly obvious:

  • No need for premises open to the public
  • You can work from your spare room or the garage
  • If you work the 9 – 5 you can run your business in the evenings
  • If you need to look after your family you can run your business while others are at work or school
  • In fact you can work your Mail Order Business around any other commitments you may have
  • None of your customers needs to know what time of day or night you are working the business
  • Contact can be made on your terms – telephone, mail, email, website
  • Start up costs can be very low – depends on the products you choose and how you source them
  • There is absolutely no reason to give up your full time job in order to start your own Mail Order Business
  • You can learn on the job because you don’t operate on full view

So if you are seeking a business to start up ready for when you retire, this could be the one for you. For more information visit:

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