Make Your Business Different

Every business should endeavor to create a unique selling proposition in order to be able to rise above the competition and drive company sales and/or performance higher.

Majority of the world’s successful businesses made their mark by putting into words their company’s capabilities. Slogans that articulate a company’s capabilities are crucial in building brand acceptance not to mention company recall like BMW’s The ultimate driving machine, Apple’s Think different, and Nike’s Just do it – these slogans ultimately contribute greatly towards making the profit bigger.

Market analysts call this a business’ unique selling proposition (USP). A USP makes a company stand out, lures potential clients away from competitors and provides an aspect of competition away from the product’s price structure.

Your USP should be your company’s secret weapon which sets you apart from all the others. It has to be unique and identifiable to your company only and should grab people’s attention at the very first instance. It should be something that can’t be easily copied and should offer your customers a specific and marketable benefit that you can capitalize on when preparing your advertisement collaterals.

Most USP’s are hard to come by and take quite a long time to formulate and develop. To make your job easier, here are some suggestions to help you create your company’s unique selling proposition.

  • Know your company’s strength and weakness and those of your competition. This makes it better for you to identify necessary action areas from which you can proceed to develop your unique selling point.
  • Determine what makes you unique in your niche. If there is none then come up with one! In the long term, when your USP becomes word of mouth your company will be acknowledged as the market leader and expert.
  • Identify your target consumer’s needs, requirements and problems and cater to these accordingly. Be sure to position your product or service as a solution or as something that would benefit your prospective clients immensely. All clients always ask the question ‘What good is it to me?’ which is what your product should be able to provide. Offer a guarantee on your product or service or a solution to customer’s problems.
  • Be explicit and specific in articulating your company’s unique selling point. However, be sure to never make a statement you can’t fulfill. Your USP or company slogan may sound good and be very catchy but if you cannot deliver what you promise your unique selling point becomes a dead weight and useless.

Once your company’s unique selling point is identified and established, the next step is to shorten or summarize it into a few words. The next strategy is then to communicate it to the public at every opportunity – your phone listing, letterhead and corporate collaterals, promotional and marketing ads, signage, delivery trucks.

Success in defining your company’s USP and communicating the same to the market would mean getting noticed and would be of great help to keep the cash register ringing a lot more often!

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