Day Care for Dogs

If you have the facilities you could run a day care centre for dogs

If you live in an area with neighbours near by you may find objections. People may not care for the arrival and departure of your clients and their dogs. Neither may they relish the thought of the noise which will be produced. In this case you could think of hiring premises such as a warehouse with surrounding enclosed land away from residential areas.

These animals love to be with others – both people and other dogs. Give the space and interesting surroundings. Make sure that they are occupied. A day centre should provide a good doggie menu, plenty of exercise and clean rest areas.

This is a day time only business. The owners drop off their dogs in the morning on their way to work and pick them up in the evening when returning home.

Moving on from this you could have full time kennels or a cattery. This is where you offer a service of housing these animals whilst the owners go on holiday. It is similar to a day centre with the addition of sleeping quarters.

For your day care services you can work alone or contract out/employ others to assist you.

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