Dog Walking Service

A Dog Walking Service is a pleasant business for dog lovers who enjoy being out walking.

It’s easy to start. Just produce some flyers describing your service and distribute them to places frequented by dog owners. Places such as stores, veterinarians, dog grooming parlors and boarding kennels usually have notice boards where you can advertise your service.

There are many categories of dog owner who will want your services. Examples of clients will be found among those who are out to work all day and the elderly or sick who can no longer take the walks themselves. In fact this is a service you can offer to anyone who feels that their dog needs more exercise than they can give.

You’ll soon have enough to keep you busy. It would be advisable to obtain special leads for walking several dogs at a time to maximize your income. The purchase of multilead collars and leashes will also save the nightmare of tangled leashes when each dog is on a separate lead.

Take care to walk in suitable areas. Seek out several areas in which you can undertake your dog walking – parks, woods, open spaces. This will give the dogs more interest in the surroundings. Dogs need both physical and mental stimulation. Exercise helps with behaviour problems because it relieves the boredom that dogs can suffer.

Check out the rules. If you are in public areas will you be allowed to let dogs off lead? Make sure you have the bags to clear up the dog mess when necessary. Check that you are allowed to walk the number of dogs you have. Some authorities are setting limits on numbers. Don’t flout the bye laws, it could put an immediate stop to your business.

You can, of course, have separate times for different sets of dogs. This will mean doubling or trebling the number of walks you are doing. Work out what you can realistically fit in to your day.

Are you willing to walk no matter what the weather? Dogs need their exercise no matter whether it is raining, snowing, windy and so on.

Will your service include cleaning the dogs up before putting them back into the owners’ homes? No one likes a messy entrance hall.

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