Pet Accessories and Toys

Pet Accessories and Toys offer good product lines.

How are you at designing and making? Can you produce toys for pets? Perhaps you think that the big manufacturers have the market covered. Not so. Produce something better, more robust or brighter.

If you intend to market locally you will need to create a full range of products. If you have one great toy you will need to market it nationally. You will probably find that your products are pricier than others. Don’t be tempted to cut your profits. Instead market them as something special – they are.

What about clothing for dogs. All the rage now. Can you design doggie sweaters and hats? Can you knit and sew? Or do you know people who can? Dog clothing is a good money spinner. Owners are looking for and buying designer clothing for their pets.

Here are a few ideas:

• Designer dog collars

• Sweaters

• Rain coats

• Hats

• Goggles

• Scarves

• Bandanas

• Halloween costumes

• Santa costumes

• Bootees

Other items will be those which give dogs (and cats) a comfortable life such as:

• Cat or dog size quilts

• Soft cushions

• Throws

Then of course there are selections of:

• Gift baskets

• Christmas stockings

• Advent calendars

You will have plenty of scope for selling these Pet Accessories and Toys. Contact all the pet shops in your area if you intend to sell wholesale.

If you wish to retail your products yourself you could try some or all of the following: pet fairs and dog shows; party plan; mail order via newspapers, catalogues and on line; open your own dog boutique.

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