Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting is a service which many people would love to have so that their pets could be cared for in their own homes.

Your services could be useful for popping in to feed the cat, the fish or the rabbits whilst the owners are away. For this you need to demonstrate reliability and honesty. Design a form where you can note the care and feeding requirements needed for individual pets. That way you will not rely on memory. If you have several pets to attend to during a day you can easily forget what you have to do and where.

Some people with dogs would rather have a reliable person move in to their home to look after the dog than use boarding kennels while they go on holiday. This is much more tying, of course, but will suit some people. After all you can move in and relax. The dog will be happy to be at home. If you would like to do something that does not entail fitting in all types of work then this could be for you.

Pet sitting offers more for the owners than having their animals looked after. By being resident they receive the added security of having their home occupied.

You do not always need to move into a home for this type of service. It can be done by visits at agreed intervals to carry out your services which can include the following:

• Cleaning cages, hutches, sleeping area

• Washing feed bowls

• Refreshing litter trays

• Providing fresh food and water

• Cleaning any ‘accidents’

• Contact and play with animal

• Completing tick chart showing attendance and services

Plus other optional services:

• Opening/closing curtains (drapes)

• Watering plants

• Turning lights on/off

• Bringing in post

• Home security checks

For your pet sitting and visiting services you can work alone or contract out/employ others to assist you.

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