Toy Rental

There are many large toys which take up a lot of room, are quite expensive and are soon grown out of.

Now, if you have a garden shed, an unused basement or other storage place you can begin to stock such toys.

You think this is a much too expensive business to start? Think again. Because these items can be too large to keep at home and in any case the child has moved on to other toys, many of these items end up at the refuse tip, in charity shops or on recycle sites. In these places you will find quite good quality for a fraction of the price,

It may be, of course, that you have grand children who have grown out of such items. If so, snap them up quickly because you will find that their parents will have them thrown away as quick as a wink.

Get them, give them a good clean and spruce up and they are ready to hire out.

You will need a vehicle suitable for delivering and collecting the toys.

Then you must decide just how you are going to organise the rental of the items you collect.

Draw up your ideas

Investigate lengths of rental. What will be the best lengths in your area? Couple of weeks? Couple of months? For the summer? For the winter? If you cannot quite get an idea for this then it will be trial and error. Maybe you should begin by hiring out a single toy for one month to a family. Allow them to renew if they wish. Or maybe they would like to change over to another toy.

Perhaps you could hire out a whole group of toys for a child’s birthday party or for a local fete.

These different ideas will need their own fee plans. These plans should include any charges for damage. However, you must accept fair wear and tear damage. Extra payment should only be charged if a toy has been wrecked.

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