Weekend Business Ideas

Some businesses can quite easily be set up at the weekends. You can then decide whether you are doing it for extra income or wish to take your choice  further and turn it into a full time business.

Here are a few weekend business ideas to get you thinking. You will find that many ideas in this website are suitable for a weekend start up – so do look through the many pages.

Home Business Ideas For the Weekend Warrior – How to Profit This Weekend and Every Other Weekend

By Michelle Cobbs

If you are not quite ready to quit your day job, but are in need of some extra cash, there are home business ideas that can get you out of the red and into the green. These easy jobs require little to no start-up capital and are relatively easy to do. If you have the materials lying around, a car for driving and the dedication to actually do something on your weekends, then you are in business.

1. Start a Pet Service – more and more families are succumbing to the cuteness of pets and buying dogs and cats from the pounds and from breeders. However, more and more families are quickly realizing that pets, especially dogs, take time and effort. Many families simply do not have the time to take their dogs for walks, keep them clean, and burn up all that nervous energy. If you live in a pet-friendly community, why not offer a pet walking and grooming service on weekends. You can charge per pet, take the furry fellows to the beach for a couple of hours, hose them all down and send them on their way. A few hours of work plus several hyper dogs can equate to a lot of money for a day’s work.

2. Landscaping – most people would rather spend their weekend out with the kids camping, fishing, biking, golfing, doing anything other than yard work. This is why many people are so willing to pay someone to do their mowing, weeding and general yard work during the weekends. You can stand to make a small fortune by spending Saturday and Sunday helping others out with their landscaping needs. If you have a lawn mower, gardening tools, and the desire to make some extra cash, then put on a sun hat, slap on some sun screen and spend the day outside soaking in the sun and bringing in the bacon.

3. Car Washing Service – another one of those annoying weekend jobs is washing the cars. No one really wants to do it, but we all have to- unless someone else offers to do it. Washing cars is fun and easy. Furthermore, you can charge a vacuuming/washing car package which can add up to even more money per vehicle.

4. Offer a Taxi Driving Alternative – for many people weekends are the time to let off some steam down at the local pub. What this means is many people will require taxis or rides home from the bar. Give your local taxi service a little competition and be there for those stumbling out of the bar. You will most likely only have to work a few hours in the late night and can stand to make some serious bucks. So, instead of sulking on the couch this weekend wishing you could afford to go out, why not start a home business on the weekends and actually start working towards your financial goals?

Michelle Cobbs currently lives in NY with her family she enjoys writing in between working from home. []
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